Short Term Trips

Do not miss the opportunity to let God use you to fulfill the purpose that He set for you. OM has a wide range of both short and long term opportunities. Our short term trips range from a few days to weeks or even months. We believe that anyone who loves Christ can share His Gospel and we are confident we have the perfect opportunity for you to do it.


The Caucasus is the homeland of incendiary dances, hospitable people and ancient customs. As well it is the most unreached area in Russia being the homeland for many Muslim ethnic groups that never heard the Gospel! It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know about local minorities and meet them during prayer hike. Come out of your comfort zone and witness God among the least reached!


The Caucasus is very ethnically diverse and Russia's the most unreached heterogeneous area. Many of the nations never heard of Gospel! A local community has the vision to reach own people through the English club at school. Come out of your comfort zone and experience God's glory!


Abkhazia is a partially recognized republic, being the homeland of one of the most unreached ethnic people groups that faced war back in 90s. We need you to reach out to the children and teens at risk through camps and evangelise local people with the aim to plant churches in the near future. Step out of your comfort zone and get involved in what the Lord has prepared for them!