The Gospel of Peace

Marina is a second-year student, who serves in Abkhazia. She regularly visits local families and has a good friendship with one family with 4 kids. “God put a desire on my heart to show them an experiment with iodine and Sodium hypochlorite to illustrate how Jesus cleanses from sin. I planned to do it and share the Gospel”, - says Marina. On that day, when she planned to show the experiment, Marina didn't feel ready: “I felt that I was empty. Even though I read the Bible as usual, this feeling did not allow me to do anything. Although I had plans, I decided to stay at home, and listen to sermons”. Marina began to think about another topic to share with the family. But other ideas did not come to her mind. So, she decided to keep the idea with the experiment.

When she came to visit the family, Marina was very surprised: “The atmosphere was tense. The mother was in a bad mood, her son got bad grades. The kids were not obedient, they fought with each other. It was the first time I saw that in their family”.

Marina found strength and showed the experiment anyway. “When I was telling the Gospel, it seemed like God calmed the storm in the house”, - says Marina. Peace came, the mother and her children were listening very attentively. The kids asked questions about how to make their hearts clean. The atmosphere in the family changed, it became calm and peaceful. “I saw how the evil one flees when the Gospel reaches people. It was evident how God's word and presence change everything. And it is important to be filled with God's word and be sensitive to His voice and intentions”, - concludes Marina.

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