“The Bible? I have never seen this book!”

During one of the recent trips to places, where Shors live, an OM staff member and MDT students had an opportunity to share the Gospel with a lady, practicing shamanism.

Visiting different villages, the team of MDT students and an OM staff member got to know Shor people and tried to know more about their culture, traditions and customs. In one of the villages they came to the local government, where they had a good meeting with the head of it. Seeing the team's interest in the culture of his people group, he invited his employee, who could tell more about how the Shors live. and what beliefs they follow. Elena*, a young lady, turned out to be an apprentice shaman. She began to talk with great enthusiasm about the shamanistic traditions of her people, noting that now begins a great awakening of people with the ability to communicate with spirits. “We were listening to it and I was praying that God grants wisdom and opportunity to share about Jesus Christ in a language she understands”, - tells Alina*, a member of the team.

At the end of the conversation, Elena began to talk about the shamanistic rite of propitiation and making sacrifices to nature. People, following shamanism, believe that if nature, for example a river, takes a person's life, it happens because they didn’t worship nature. Then a curse comes upon not only one person, but also on his children. To get rid of the curse, they need to appease nature, and they sacrifice a perfect horse, without any flaws. “I realized that it was the right moment to share the Gospel in a language she understands. I began talking about the unblemished and spotless lamb, Christ, who is the sacrifice for sins because it is impossible to find something else that would satisfy God’s anger”, – shares Alina. Elena was open to listen, and she absorbed with great interest what she was told.

Then Alina suggested reading Psalm 139. In shamanistic belief system there are several levels of the world: bottom, middle and upper. ”Reading the psalm, I adapted it, changing some of the words to make it more understandable for Anna. ‘If I ascend up into the upper world, You are there: if I descend to the bottom world, You are there”. It was evident that this psalm touched Elena's heart. She began to ask: “Where is it written? Where could I read it?” The team showed her the Bible: “This is the book where we can read about the whole story of God, about His love, about His sacrifice”. Elena exclaimed with surprise: “I have never had this book. I have not seen this book when I am holding it in my hands. But I would really like to have it”. Then in response to this request, Alina gave her the Bible as a present. Happy, Elena said: "I will read it, it is very interesting to me."

Please pray that the God’s Word will touch Elena’s heart and she will find the Truth.

*Names changed

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