Our God heals

An OM worker, serving in a strict Muslim place, shares a testimony of God's miracles and how the Lord radically transforms people.

One day the pastor of our church asked me to meet a woman at the station. That woman, Tanya*, was six months pregnant, and she was going to the hospital for a pregnancy checkup”, - says Kamila*, an OM worker. Tanya was in great distress. The doctors had made an unfavorable diagnosis: her baby would not survive. “She was in a terrible condition, there was no hope in her eyes. I offered to pray for her”, - remembers Kamila. Tanya was taken to the hospital, and when Kamila visited her next day, she was told that the pregnancy must be terminated. “We agreed with Tanya that I would visit her every day and we would pray”, - says Kamila. An OM worker went to the chief doctor and asked him not to terminate the pregnancy until it was clear that the baby had died in the womb, as there was no danger to Tanya's health. Kamila continued to visit Tanya, and they began to read the Bible together and prayed. Tanya repented and Kamila began to teach her lessons to prepare for baptism. Some people donated money to buy medicine to try and save the child's life. However, the doctors insisted on terminating the pregnancy. “I urged and encouraged Tanya not to agree to this and to deliver the baby anyway. I convinced the doctors once again not to do it”, - remembers Kamila. The whole church and everyone who knew about it prayed for this situation. God answered prayers, and the boy was born at 7th months. “His weight was only 800 grams, there were many problems with his health. The doctors were sure that he would not survive.” – shares Kamila. Her heart ached for Tanya and her tiny son. Although the doctors did not have hope, Kamila, trusting in the Lord, continued to visit Tanya, pray, and help her prepare for baptism.

“I was a witness of God's work; His miracles”, - tells Kamila with great joy, - “Tanya trusted our great mighty God, and the baby gained weight”. Finally, they were discharged from the hospital with a good prognosis. Tanya was very happy; she began to prepare even more for baptism. Kamila says: “She and her family live far away in the village, Tanya has many children. She was really worried and constantly called me. We visited her and helped to care for her newborn son”. Several months later Tanya got baptized and the child was blessed at the church. “The boy is healthy, everything is fine with him”, - says Kamila. She continues to study the Bible together with Tanya.

Kamila shares: “Tanya has changed a lot. When I came to her before, her children were dirty, she did not clean the house. She smoked and drank alcohol. Now everything has changed in her family, the baby is growing. I really saw how this person was transformed before my eyes. Her heart changed; her appearance changed”.

Praise the Lord for such a miracle. Please pray for Tanya, her children, and her husband, who is not a follower of Jesus yet.

*Names changed

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