Every opportunity counts

Ahmed* is an OMer who works in the Caucasus. Recently the Lord gave him several opportunities to develop relations and share the Word. Last month Ahmed's friend Ali* had a birthday. Ahmed invited him to another city in a nearby region to celebrate this event. “I was not allowed to go with him without his parents' permission. So, I had to ask them before going to another region for several days”, - says Ahmed. Ali's parents were not against it and the friends began their journey. “I praise God that his parents consider me a responsible person and gave us permission to go to another city together”, - says Ahmed.

The trip gave great opportunities to speak about faith. Ahmed shares: “On the way I told him how Jesus Christ bore our sins, became obedient unto death so that we could have peace with the Almighty”. Upon arrival they had dinner and celebrated the birthday. Ali admitted that it was the best birthday of his life. He had been outside the republic only several times, during the war, when his family was refugees.

This trip allowed Ahmed and Ali to become even closer. “I am thankful to God for these amazing moments in life, when I am able to share the Gospel with a person, who has been attending a mosque since the age of 14. And he listens to me”, - shares Ahmed.

Another one of Ahmed's friend, Nadim, was going through tough times. “He had a crisis in his relationship with his wife, and I asked God to give me wise words to comfort him”, - says Ahmed. Ahmed told Nadim that he should try to preserve everything that the Almighty had given to him. Nadim was very surprised to hear such an idea. “He told me that I am not like most of his friends, who would tell him something completely different”, - shares Ahmed. Ahmed's words inspired Nadim, and he reconciled with his wife. Now Nadim seeks further fellowship and friendship with Ahmed. Pray that this fellowship and Ahmed's example will lead Nadim to the Savior, Jesus Christ.

*Names changed

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