As a global movement of Jesus followers, we love and care not only

for those who have not yet heard of Christ’s love, but also for one

another and all who join our cause. Christ’s light can shine brightly

through our community as we serve others who serve His mission.

The posture of love and care is not only evident in our prayer,

worship and interactions, but in our systems, processes and

structures. We lead with love in our work and life, and with

our finances and resources as well.

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Work and Life

God has entrusted each Jesus follower with skills, passions, and abilities to use for His mission. We are guided by the following principles as we love and care for those who join the cause.

We Disciple
We are disciples and disciple-makers; discipleship is at the centre of all we do.

We Connect
We craft dynamic and simple structures which allow for limitless connecting of Jesus followers to places in need of vibrant community.

We Scale
We implement methods and models that are scalable and financially sustainable.

We Collaborate
We drive and own intentional collaboration with ministry partners that fuel our mission.

We Adapt
We are future-ready, always analysing and adapting our methods for each culture and context.

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Finances and Resources

God has entrusted each Jesus follower with finances and resources to steward on behalf of His mission. We are guided by the following principles as we love and care for those who join the cause.

We are Generous
We joyfully live out a culture of generosity. We demonstrate thankfulness and an abundance mentality based on God’s generosity.

We Invite
Asking is an invitation to participate in our vision and is always without manipulation. God blesses the inviter and the donor.

We Partner
Donors are essential partners in our work. We authentically welcome their time, talent, and treasure.

We Minister
Financial development is a form of ministry to the fundraiser, the receiver, and the donor.

We are Accountable Stewards
Everything is God’s. Therefore, we will be transparent and accountable to our donors and to our fields based on our agreements, and we will show grace to one another.

I have become all things to all people so that

by all possible means I might save some. I do

all this for the sake of the gospel...

1 Corinthians 9:22-23 (NIV)

Want to learn more?

We are a global community
of Jesus followers, united
to bring God's love to those
who don't know it.
We look at the world with
hearts of compassion and a
genuine burden for those who
have not yet heard about
Jesus or experienced
His amazing love.
Following God's call and
mandate, we hold five ideas to
be foundations which, along
with prayer, must shape and
guide each of us as we serve,
and as we inspire and prepare
more Jesus followers
for God's mission.