Live & Work

All around the world there are workers dedicating their full time to fulfill their role in the Great Comission. Are you willing to follow them and live your life to the fullest doing exactly what God designed you todo where He wants you to do it? We have many opportunities all around the world. You can certainly find something that suits you perfectly!

Central Asia | Start date: As soon as possible


What is good health? Usually we think of physical symptoms, but being healthy also includes the social, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of life. We want to see people living in wholeness in each of these areas.

Are you a health worker, male or female, or do you have a medical background? Come and join our team! We are looking for nurses, midwifes, doctors and HIV-trainers who are willing to teach basic health lessons.

Sweden | Start date: As soon as possible


We are looking for pioneer church planters who will move into areas with high percentages of immigrants from unreached people groups, and focus on planting vibrant communities of Jesus followers. We have a presence in three areas of Sweden where a high percentage of the population were either born outside of Sweden or have parents who were born outside of Sweden.  They live in Sweden but, social, cultural and linguistic barriers prevent them from hearing the gospel in a way they understand.

Ships| Start date: As soon as possible


To perform skilled maintenance, repair and inspection work on Logos Hope's complex refrigeration & HVAC equipment.

South Africa | Start date: As soon as possible


Has God been talking to you about sharing your faith with others?

Has He laid a particular people group or country on your heart?

Do you know that God is calling you to be a labourer in the fields that are ready to be harvested?

...and yet you are still at home, struggling to follow Him, because you just do not feel you have the knowledge, training, skills or practical experience needed to step out