Prayer hike to the Caucasus mountains

The Caucasus is the homeland of incendiary dances, hospitable people and ancient customs. As well it is the most unreached area in Russia being the homeland for many Muslim ethnic groups that never heard the Gospel! It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know about local minorities and meet them during prayer hike. Come out of your comfort zone and witness God among the least reached!

The team will run 2 English clubs for local people in the city. Then head to hike to the Caucasus Mountains for 3 days. On your journey you get to share Father's love through fellowship with the unreached.



2 July 2021 (Friday) to 13 July 2021 (Tuesday)

2 June 2021 (Wednesday)

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€ 450


The program starts with one day of orientation, preparations and will finish with a debrief. You will be traveling to the mountains to see the beautiful nature of the Caucasus, to spend your days in prayers for the unreached, and meet with them sharing love of Christ. Be prepared to hike up on the mountains and sleep in the tents. At the end of the outreach the team will go to Mount Elbrus.

Ministry details

Flexibility, being able to connect with locals. Someone who loves to pray and intercede for the lost. Easy cope with humidity and summer heat +25-35"C. Flexible coping a different culture.

Participant profile

You will be staying in a hotel when the team is in the city. Please bring your sleeping bag and the mat as for the rest of the days you will be living in the tents up in the mountains.


Good traditional Caucasian and Russian food is provided. If you have any allergies or dietary needs please let us know.


Fly in to local airport on July 2. Our staff member will pick you up from there and bring you back on a departure day. Fly out from the same airport on July 13th.


You should be in good health. Be prepared to go hiking on the mountains of the Caucasus.


You will most likely need a Russian visa. Please contact your local travel agency for more information. This website may also offer assistance:


The name of a city where you need to arrive will be given by your local OM STM coordinator, please contact them. Thank you for understanding.


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