Ministry to the unreached Altai: Camp for teenagers

Altai is one of the most unreached people groups in Siberia. They believe in shamanism and animism, worshipping spirits of nature. We have been serving children in local villages during few years. Once again we plan to run teenager's camp, and help local church to develop its ministry to local families and children.

We will invite teenagers from different Altai villages for camping. We want to invest in lives of those who already received Jesus, they need discipleship. As well as we will invite unbelievers, sharing God's love with them through good quality time, Bible stories, worship, fun activities, art crafts.



24 July 2022 to 08 August 2022

24 June 2022

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€ 400


The church in Altai village - Biyka has been there for 3 years. Since then we have been working with the teenagers, sharing Gospel with them and building relationships. There are weekly Bible studies with them. During 2 weeks we plan to host 3 camping seasons for 4 days each. In every season we expect to have about 10 teens. Also we will invite believing teenagers from the city, those who are willing to serve Altai people. It's going to be great experience for them to grow in discipleship. Moreover we will explore beautiful God's creation through hiking, rafting on mountain river and having good discussions around the campfire. Come and experience God's love and goodness through this ministry and fellowship with the most unreached Altai teenagers.

Ministry details

You need to be flexible in camping setting, be ready to live in tents. Also you need to enjoy being around teenagers. You need to be physically fit for hiking and rafting. There is no need to be a professional, but at least be ready to step out of your comfort zone. If you have any ideas for art crafts, or have some experience in eco-tourism, drama and any other gifts and talents, please let us know.

Participant profile

In Altai you will be sleeping in tents. You don't need to bring sleeping bag or mat, we have them here. But if you want to use your personal sleeping bag, then bring it.


Good traditional Russian food. Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies.


Fly in to Novosibirsk airport Tolmachyovo (OVB) anytime on 24/07/22 and depart anytime from the same airport on 08/08/22.


You need to be in good health.


You will most likely need a Russian visa. Please contact your local travel agency for more information. This website may also offer assistance:



To learn more about this opportunity, e-mail us at