Children Camp: God's Joy to the Unreached Altai

Altai is one of the most unreached people groups in Siberia. We have been serving children in local villages during few years. Once again we plan to run children's camp, and help local church to develop its ministry to kids and teenagers.

There will be 3 days daily camps for children in 2 different villages of Altai. We will invtie children to come every day for 5 hours to play games, to listen Bible stories, and do fun art crafts together. Also we will share Gospel to their parents and other family members. Come and experience God's glory and love for the least reached Altai people and become a blessing for the lost ones.



19 June 2022 to 04 July 2022

19 May 2022

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€ 400


Children in Altai have plenty of free time in the summer which is sometimes spent without purpose. Knowing this we plan to bless them with 6 days of fun and adventures, introducing them to God's love and joy. We want to impact their lives in a way that Altai people find Jesus as their only Creator, source of hope and joy in the midst of despair and pain. Also children will make their own toys and helpful items during art crafts. Moreover, local missionaries need our support and help in reaching out parents of children with Gospel during the camps. We expect great things from the Lord, praying that revival begins in far away forgotten villages of Altai.

Ministry details

You need to be flexible and ready to help in organizing art crafts, or planning meals for children, perhaps you could lead Bible stories. You need to be open and friendly to build relationships with children and their parents. Also if you have some gifts and talents in music, art or any other fun activities, please let us know so we can plan master classes together.

Participant profile

Accommodations will be provided.


Good traditional Russian food.
Please inform us in advance if you have any allergies.


Fly in to Novosibirsk Airport (OVB) anytime on June 19th. Depart from the same airport anytime on July 4th.


You should be in good health. Be prepared for hiking and rafting on the river.


You will most likely need a Russian visa. Please contact your local travel agency for more information. This website may also offer assistance:



To learn more about this opportunity, e-mail us at