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We are a global community of Jesus Followers,

united to share God's love

with those who don't know it.

Who we are

Christ's generous, limitless love is our example.

Shaped by His presence, overwhelmed by His sacrifice and

transformed daily by His power, we will never be the same. His love

fuels our passion for all to hear the gospel and know the deep, life

changing love of our Creator.

So we go. No place is too hard, no people too far, no idea too crazy, no dream too big, and our failures do not hold us back. Tens of thousands have joined this cause, and hundreds of millions have heard the gospel. And we’re still going.

We believe that the love of Jesus has the power to change everyone and everything, including the reality of those who are oppressed, forgotten and marginalised.

We believe it is God’s mission to transform lives and communities as He reconciles the world to Himself, and we have the privilege of joining with Him in this mission.

This transformation isn’t only for those we serve. It happens to us, too. When we step out in faith, we start to change as well. Our hearts are changed, and this means our attitudes, relationships and priorities change also. Our soul is refreshed, and we find significance in who He has made us to be and what He has made us to do.

We are people who don’t fit a mould, who don’t sit still and who love the adventure of serving God's mission. We listen first; we don’t just show up in a new place and project our way of doing and thinking.

We wake up each day with the confidence that the God who created the universe—who knocked over the walls of Jericho, who healed the blind and who raised the dead—is with us. This emboldens us, empowers us and keeps us moving forward.

We believe everyone was made for God’s purposes. Everyone. Our talents, gifts and passions are His tools in us. If God wired us to design, then we design. If He wired us to organise, then we organise. If He wired us to build, then we build. We want our work and our words to shine His light and love so that those we live amongst will see it and glorify God.

His love and mission fuels our passion to cultivate bright, thriving communities of Jesus followers that—in His time—will touch every person on earth.

We are OM.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,

baptising them in the name of the

Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 28:19 (NIV)

Want to learn more?

We look at the world with
hearts of compassion and a
genuine burden for those who
have not yet heard about
Jesus or experienced
His amazing love.
Following God's call and
mandate, we hold five ideas to
be foundations which, along
with prayer, must shape and
guide each of us as we serve,
and as we inspire and prepare
more Jesus followers
for God's mission.
A posture of love and care is
not only evident in our prayer,
worship and interactions, but
in our systems, processes and
structures. We lead with love
in our work and life, and with
our finances
and resources as well.
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We Are OM

Everyone who has experienced the touch of Jesus upon his or her life

has a unique and meaningful story to share. As we reveal His impact

on our lives, we don’t discount our past, but transparently honour the

God who transforms us for His good. He doesn’t erase who we are,

but rebuilds our hearts to use our past, present and future—our

whole being—for spreading His love.

Explore the stories of those who have responded to God’s call,

joyfully using their unique cultures, languages and backgrounds as

a witness to God’s love in places where

He is seldom known or worshipped.